LGAZ Ushers into Office New Leaders

Abraham Moobola
July 19, 2023

There are many drivers that lead to development and one of them is putting in place an efficient team of leaders in furtherance of an organisation’s objectives. Development can only be realised when there is leadership in place to drive the will and for this reason, during the Joint LGAZ/AMICAALL Conference, new leaders of the Association were ushered into office to help carry out various programmes regarding local authorities’ operations.

The elections took place on 18th November, 2021 for the positions ofAssociation President, Vice Presidents,Honorary Treasurer and the LocalGovernment Gender Equality Committee members at National level as well as the Steering Committee members of AMICAALL.

Mazabuka Mayor Councillor Vincent Lilanda was elected President of the Association with ten as Provincial Vice Presidents. The Council Treasurer for Namwala Mr. Joseph Kanyemba was elected Honorary Treasurer.

For AMICAALL, 20 provincial representatives of the Steering Committee were also elected comprising 10 elected and 10 appointed officials. The Steering Committee then elected Council

Chairperson for Chilanga, Councillor Champion Tembo and Senanga Council Chairperson Coucillor Sakwiba Sakwiba as AMICAALL Chairperson and Vice Chairperson respectively.

Under the Local Government Gender Equality Committee (LGGEC), Lufwanyama Council Chairperson Councillor Annie Kapandula was elected Chairperson while Council Chairperson for Shangombo, Councillor Inonge Mubika was elected as Vice Chairperson. In addition, 20 representatives were elected for the LGGEC and these were drawn from all the ten provinces comprising of elected and appointed officials.

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